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The token for funding projects

Source of funds:

When we start a new green energy project, we raise funds with pWatt tokens. Buying these tokens helps build the project. Each pWatt is tied to the project's power output. Once the project's running, you'll get your uWatts!

Price per watt:

The price of each pWatt is carefully calculated, considering the total cost of the project, together with discounts related to the progress of the installation and the progress of financing. This approach ensures a true representation of project costs, automatically updating with the project process.

Flexible Investment Options:

If you invest over $50,000 USD, you can opt to keep your pWatt tokens instead of swapping them to uWatts. In this case, you will percieve yields from the energy generation directly, either in stable-coins or fiat.

Environmental impact:

By purchasing pWatts, investors contribute to the creation of new clean energy projects, encouraging climate action and promoting a more sustainable future.


Clean Energy Currency

sustainable benefits

uWatts holders receive a portion of the revenues generated by the clean energy assets in the reserve. These revenues are used first to offset asset depreciation and then to originate new projects, creating a sustainable cycle of income and growth.


Every uWatt is backed by real clean energy stuff, showing it's not just digital fluff. These real-world things make uWatts more trustworthy and highlight the cool perks of supporting green energy projects.

Emission parity

uWatts tokens are meticulously issued in synchronization with the initiation of new projects, serving as a direct representation and stake and growth these projects bring.

Reserve Entry

Once a new project is up and running and generating clean energy, the pWatt tokens swap into uWatt token. These uWatts represent the fractional ownership of the Power Generation Asset Pool, backed by the Unergy Protocol.

Token Purpose You contribute capital early to a specific project's development. uWatts represent ownership shares in a growing reserve of operational clean energy projects.
Payout Mechanism Receive uWatts equal to your initial capital plus asset valuation upon project completion (est. 10 months) Hold uWatts for a passive income stream generated by new assets from reserve revenues.
Source of Rewards Earn rewards from early capital investment and project valuation. The reserve grows by selling energy, generating new uWatts distributed to the uWatt community.
Risks Construction delays, infrastructure damage, potential value loss. Variable profit rates based on project energy generation.
Estimated Annualized Profit Rate 22% (Dependent on specific project) 8-12% (Dependent on energy generation and new project origination)
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