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What is Unergy?

We are the democratization of solar energy and energy efficiency, allowing you to invest in clean energy.

Participate in Solar projects

Generate estimated annual profits of up to 13% IRR

Receive your earnings month by month

Track your project's performance in real time

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Ilustración de un campo solar con paneles instalados sobre piso
Ilustración de cuatro paneles solares instalados sobre piso conectados a una base que contiene un computador y un celular

Finance your solar energy projects

Consume clean energy without any investments costs or maintenance

Receive cheaper energy bills

Monitor your project’s progress in real time

Change your provider and take control of your consumption

If you're an EPC Contractor, we'll help to finance your solar energy projects

Apply and become an Unergy EPC Contractor. Finance projects from as little as 10,000 kWh/month and impact companies consuming your energy, and investors that will make your project possible.

We want more people to access clean energy, which is why we want to work together.

Let's work towards and achieve the country's energy transition together!

Ilustración de un campo solar con paneles instalados sobre piso