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What is Unergy?

We are the democratization of solar energy and energy efficiency in Latin America, allowing you to generate and consume clean energy.

Invest in solar energy assets

Be part of the country's energy transition and get the best profitability

Generates estimated annual profits up to 13%

Receive your earnings month by month

Visualize in real time the performance of the project in which you participated

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Ilustración de un campo solar con paneles instalados sobre piso
Ilustración de cuatro paneles solares instalados sobre piso conectados a una base que contiene un computador y un celular

Buy clean energy

Consume consciously and save with an independent digital energy provider.

Visualize your energy consumption in real time.

Receive energy prices estimates according to the time zone.

Know where the energy that you consume comes from.

If you have space, install a solar energy project without investment costs.

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