Change your energy supplier

With Unergy, take control of your energy consumption, know where your energy came from, and receive real time price estimates and updates. Join the independent digital energy revolution.



Energy monitoring

You'll be able to follow in real time the performance of your project including your energy generated, energy consumed, energy imported / exported in addition to other sustainable variables.

Energy monitoring Billing Financial information
Computador en la sección del monitoreo energético de los proyectos Computador en la sección de facturación de un proyecto Computador en la sección del comportamiento financiero de una empresa
To be a part of the energy transformation, you must comply with the following requirements:

Consume at least 10,000kWh per month

Have an open area suitable for the installation of solar panels

Have your own establishment

Why is this an interesting opportunity for your company?

Change your provider and take control of your consumption

Generate significant consumption savings with opt

Know our energy tariffs

Traditonal providers


Unergy Pro


Digital payments.
Know the source of your energy.
Visualize your consumption in real time.
Receive hourly price estimates according to your time zone.
Find out how much energy each electrical appliance is consuming.
Define your consumption goals.
Identify your energy profile / footprint.
Receive intelligent and personalized notifications to help reduce your consumption.
Receive sustainability metrics regarding your energy savings.
Medidor de energía

When you switch to Unergy you’ll receive a free smart energy meter

3 months free

48.000 COP
per month

You should consider

You need to have been with your current energy provider for at least one year
You shouldn’t have any outstanding payments on your bills
If your meter is analog, we will change it to a smart one.

If you're an EPC Contractor, we'll help to finance your solar energy projects

Apply and become an Unergy EPC Contractor. Finance projects from as little as 10,000 kWh/month and impact companies consuming your energy, and investors that will make your project possible.

We want more people to access clean energy, which is why we want to work together.

Hombre con instrumentos de seguridad, instalando un panel solar

Let's work towards and achieve the country's energy transition together!